Calle Ocho’s Finest: La Carreta

La Carreta!

Sometimes food takes you to a place that feels like home.  It invokes memories of happy times and can be sort of like a refuge so-to-speak.  A good old-fashioned cuban breakfast does it for me.  Happiness is when I can dip my tostada in cafe con leche.  Here you can get a breakfast for 2 for around 10 bucks! It’s the simple things people!  The first La Carreta opened on Miami’s Calle Ocho in 1976 and has grown to several locations around Miami.

I would highly recommend a visit to La Carreta as well as other cuban restaurants on Calle Ocho, like Versailles– another favorite of mine.  

La Carreta on 8th Street (Calle Ocho)

3632 SW 8th St
Miami, Florida 33135
Sunday-Thursday: 8 am-12am
Friday: 8am-2am
Saturday: 8am-3am

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