Pamela’s Restaurant

Last September I spent 3 weeks in Argentina and decided to spend a weekend in Santiago, Chile.  One night we had dinner in Vitacura (neighborhood in Santiago) and had a dessert called Torta de Lucuma and it’s something that we will never forget.  It was so good and unique!  The slice of torta (cake) had meringue which made it crispy and lucuma filling.  Lucuma is a fruit grown mostly in Peru and Chile.  It’s taste is hard to describe, but some say it’s similar to maple, sweet potato, caramel custard, or pumpkin.

When we returned to Miami, Torta de Lucuma was still on our minds.  When I told my best friend’s mom I was on a mission to find Torta de Lucuma in Miami she immediately gave me the information for Pamela’s Restaurant.  She would know, her husband grew up in Chile and she herself is an amazing cook and baker! I definitely went to the right source!

Pamela’s Restaurant is somewhat hidden and it’s easy to miss.  It’s on 84th and Bird Road in a little strip mall.  It’s a restaurant and little market with all of your chilean food needs.  It was apparent that we were the only ones that didn’t know about this restaurant.  During our lunch, people were constantly entering the restaurant and soon it was completely filled.

IMG_4010 IMG_4012 IMG_4019


Pisco Sour

IMG_4014 IMG_4017

Beef Empanada

IMG_4021 IMG_4022

Sopa Marinera – the BEST seafood soup!!

IMG_4023 IMG_4024

Asado a la Chilena – Baked Brisket with a side salad

IMG_4031 IMG_4032 IMG_4033

Finally, la piece de resistance, the Torta de Lucuma!  It’s a unique cake. It’s crispy because of the layers of meringue and the solid lucuma (beige/yellow layers) layers.  They served it with chocolate and dulce de leche.  It was excellent but very very sweet! Definitely worth a try!

 ~ Pamela’s Restaurant 8469 SW 40th Street, Miami, FL 33155 ~

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