Xixon Spanish Restaurant

 Xixon is one of my favorite places and definitely an iconic place for authentic Spanish tapas in Miami.  The restaurant was established in 2001 and started out as a delicatessen; offering Spanish foods and products.  Since then it has grown tremendously. From housing only one table to now being able to accommodate more than 200 people!  Xixon has a gourmet market as well as an impressively stocked vinoteca where you can pick out your own bottle.  It’s also a great restaurant to host parties & events.

~ They have happy hour specials on drinks & cocktails! –> M-F 5pm-8pm ~

IMG_0203Chorizos a la sidra – Spanish sausage stewed in hard apple cider

These sausages are great with bread and serve as a nice, classic starter, however you may not need this much of it, I would probably save my appetite for other tapas.

IMG_0204 Huevos rotos con jamon – Broken eggs with Spanish ham over potato chips

Need I say more?  This dish is my favorite!! Sounds quite simple but it’s always a must here at Xixon!


Croquetas – Spanish Serrano Ham Croquette 

This is probably the first time we ordered the croquetas here.  They were surprisingly large & very good with just the right amount of crisp.

IMG_0208Gambas al ajillo – Sizzling shrimp sauteed in garlic sauce

Another one of my favorites.  A classic Spanish tapas dish, but it’s done so well here and with extra garlic!

IMG_0211Gulas al ajillo – Sizzling baby eels in garlic sauce

Another first for me here at Xixon.  Baby eels in garlic sauce!  They were actually delicious.  Tasted almost like pasta and we finished the whole thing.

IMG_0212Vieiras de santiago rellenas – Stuffed large shelled scallops

We ordered these by accident; thinking they were the usual vieiras dish we always get but they were different. :/  They were good, but not like the other vieiras dish we’re used to.


Xixon Spanish Restaurant

2101 SW 22 Street,
Miami Fl 33145

Phone: +1 (305) 854-9350


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