Pork Chops with Mango Salsa

What do you do when your house is overflowing with mangoes?!? Well, you find any way to eat them and make them a part of your meals! I was inspired to make pork chops more lively with a mango salsa on top.  I looked up a few recipes and decided to use the main ingredients but make it my own with what I had available at home.

Here’s what I used for the salsa:

  • 1/4 large onion
  • 1/2 tomato
  • mango (you want them ripe but not too mushy so they’re easier to chop)
  • fresh mint (cilantro would be a nice substitute also)
  • olive oil
  • fresh lime juice

I seasoned the pork chops with:

  • pomegranate sauce (usually found in Mediterranean food markets)
  • garlic powder
  • salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • cayenne pepper (just a couple of dashes)

I served the pork chops with a simple side salad of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper, & lime juice.

IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0236  IMG_0237IMG_0239 IMG_0243 IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0248 IMG_0250

 Bon Appetit! 🙂

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