Tongue & Cheek

I was so excited to finally check out Tongue & Cheek last night! I’ve heard so many good things and seen so many delicious pictures on their Instagram (@tandcmiami).  They’re located in south beach right on 4th & Washington so it’s really easy to find (valet was only $5!).  The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated; a trendy meets neighborhood vibe with dark woods, lanterns, and a sprinkling of modern decor.  All in all, it’s very welcoming.

Looking at the menu, it was very hard to make a decision.  Everything looked delicious! I really appreciated the ingredient-driven and focused menu, something I’ve only really seen in San Fran restaurants.  Miami needs more restaurants like this! Also, the menu has plenty of variety, including a beef cheek burger, Florida snapper, skirt steak, mussels and much more.  There’s something for everyone here.


 IMG_0334 IMG_0337IMG_0335

IMG_0336 For an appetizer, we chose the “Poutine” of braised brisket, aged cheddar and pastrami spiced fries.  You can’t see it in the pictures above, but there was actually a lot of brisket underneath the fries!  So delicious!  I also loved the fries themselves!

IMG_0338This was a complimentary dish of pretzels with bourbon, cherry sauce.  The pretzels were fluffy on the inside and the sauce was so interesting; kind of spicy.  I immediately tasted the bourbon!


I chose to have 2 smaller dishes instead of one entree because, honestly, I couldn’t decide what I wanted! So, my first dish was the peach salad with hazelnuts, whipped ricotta, and basil.  It was really good, but I also love peaches!! The hazelnuts added a nice crunch and the whipped ricotta was perfect with the sweet peaches.

IMG_0341 IMG_0342

Last night they had a few specials. My other half ordered one of them- the U/10 Scallops, with broccolini, and quinoa.  I got to try a few pieces and the scallops were very soft and tender.

IMG_0343 IMG_0346Meatballs!! These were pork and beef cheek meatballs with grilled bread! So good!! I definitely recommend getting these.  Also, plenty of sauce to dip the bread in! And basil!!

Check them out if you haven’t already! Their brunch looks amazing too! 🙂

Tongue & Cheek

431 Washington Avenue Miami Beach Fl. 33139 – P 305 704 2900

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