La Mexicana Cantina & Grill

If you’ve noticed from my recent posts and insta pics, I’ve been all about Mexican cuisine lately.  I’ve tried a couple of new tequilas, mexican restaurants in the area and I’m also really excited for Cantina La Veinte to open at the Icon.  So, I decided to give a neighborhood place a visit.  It’s called La Mexicana Cantina & Grill right next to Havana 1957 and Pieducks in Brickell.  I have ordered delivery from them before and it was delicious so I thought why not go see them in person.  We sat outside in their charming terrace, luckily next to one of their giant fans lol.  We were seated immediately but then felt a little forgotten; the waiter took a long time before taking our order.


IMG_0401 IMG_0402 IMG_0403 IMG_0404First up was a complementary basket of tortilla chips and salsa.  Yum! We devoured these pretty quickly.


Mariachi were also present, going through the interior restaurant and then outside on the terrace.

IMG_0408 IMG_0409

We ordered flautas as an appetizer and they were very good.  Nice and crispy.  I took another detailed picture of them below, since you can’t see them under the lettuce and condiments above.



I ordered the Ensenada Tacos which are 3 Baja style beer battered fish tacos.  After the chips and flautas, I opted for the fish to be grilled instead of fried with the batter.  I love fish tacos and have had them in plenty of places but I have to say these were underwhelming.  They just contained the fish with the chipotle mayo dressing.  No lettuce or other anything else.  I liked that it contained plenty of fish but it could have come with lettuce or something to add texture to the dish.


My boyfriend got the burrito bowl with chicken but swiftly changed his mind to a burrito and they were happy to make it into a regular burrito for him.

IMG_0420I took a couple of bites of the burrito and loved it.  Lots of texture and super tasty!

La Mexicana Cantina & Grill

1451 S Miami Ave
Miami, Fl. 33131


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