Coyo Taco

Recently, in Miami, there’s been an influx of casual dining spots and I’m lovin’ it.  The concept works great- good, ingredient-focused food, hard-to-beat prices, trendy locations, and overall a fun environment.  These days, more than ever, it seems people appreciate being able to sit down with friends in a casual place, enjoying good food and continuing the night rather than sitting down in a stuffy, overpriced restaurant.  So, when my friend suggested we go to Coyo Taco in Wynwood I was really excited!

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The menu is filled with amazing choices of tacos (2 per order), a burrito bowl, salad bowl, side dishes and desserts.  I’ve heard good things about the tacos Al Pastor but I wanted to try the fish tacos (Pescado).  They were made with flour tortilla, grilled local fish, citrus slaw, and chipotle aioli.  The grilled fish was a good portion and fresh and I also sampled the many sauces they have on the side.

After your meal you can venture into their “hidden” tequila bar which can be accessed through the blue door towards the back of the restaurant.  The tequila bar is equipped with a DJ and creatively concocted tequila drinks. 🙂


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