Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar – Minneapolis, MN

A dear friend’s wedding in August brought me to Minneapolis, MN.  I had never been before but had always heard good things about it, including the courteous people and overall culture of the City.  On the day after the wedding, a couple of us “Miami-ans” ventured into downtown Minneapolis wanting to discover the city and its hidden gems.  Alas, we stumbled upon Angel Food Bakery.

Maybe it was the smell or the sight of it that caught our attention; or both.  The bakery counter was lined with so many unique and interesting flavors cupcakes and scones including some mixed with lavender, coconut, or even topped with bacon and edible flowers.  On any trip I’m more likely to stuff my carry-on with food items more so than anything else.  So, naturally, I had to take a couple of sweets home with me.  IMG_4500

IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4497 IMG_4498


Angel Food Bakery & Coffee Bar

86 S. 9th Street, Minneapolis, Mn 55402



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