Green Plate Asian Bistro

It’s not often I go to Doral, mainly due to it being a bit far from where I live and the constant traffic in Miami, but recently I’ve heard of a few places to try in the area.  That includes Green Plate Asian Bistro.  A friend who works in the area recommended it and I was pleasantly surprised.  Their menu is pretty extensive including Japanese, Thai and Chinese dishes. This can be a bit overwhelming for an indecisive person like myself (haha).

The chef, Jay Lam, is a Chinese-American who grew up in Miami and was trained in various Asian cuisines.  As a result, the menu is a culmination of his experience with a modern twist.  Green Plate carries locally sourced produce and fish flown in daily from a fish market in Japan.

They’re also famous for their lunch specials and Sunday buffet.  So, stop by when you’re in Doral!

Lychee Mojito
Tuna Carpaccio (ahi tuna, spinach pesto, togarashi aioli, pickled cucumber, avocado, tsume sauce)
Tuna Carpaccio
Okinawan Roll (salmon, tuna, wahoo, asparagus, micro green, cucumber paper)
Pan Seared Duck Breast (pan seared duck, mushroom & cheese risotto, fig & blueberry jams, avocado)


Green Plate Asian Bistro

9901 NW 41st Street

Doral, Florida 33178

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