The Salty Donut

The Salty Donut – Artisanal Donut Shoppe & Coffee Bar Pop-up

Delicious, creative, fun and innovative.  Just a few words to describe my overall experience at The Salty Donut – an artisanal donut shoppe and coffee bar pop-up in Wynwood.  It was nothing short of amazing! Their menu changes often with unique seasonal flavors.  When I went their menu offered Boston Cream, Maple Bacon, Coquito Donut Holes (a sugar donut hole with Puerto Rican spiked egg nog), and Guava & Cheese (topped with Galleta Maria crumble) to name a few.

The fun doesn’t stop at the donuts, they also have a cereal milk latte! Yes, a cereal milk latte which they make from milk soaked in cereal.  On this particular visit, the cereal milk was made with Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Dreams do come true people! 😉

It was definitely a Saturday afternoon well spent.  If you want to go be sure to get their early enough because some of their flavors sell out.  Also, you can keep track on their Instagram (@thesaltydonut) since they post when certain flavors are already sold out or when they have new ones.  Actually, when I went, we had to wait for our Guava & Cheese Donuts since they had run out of them but it was definitely worth the wait, those were my absolute favorite!!

See all the drool-worthy pics below!


Nutella & Hazelnut “Spiked Donut Holes” (nutella shooter, chocolate covered donut hole with crushed hazelnuts)
Top: Maple Bacon (24 hour brioche, pure maple glaze, Miami Smokers bacon cracklings)                                                                                                                                    Bottom, left to right: Boston Cream (24 hour brioche, Bavarian cream filling, salted chocolate ganache, chocolate curls), Baked Chocolate (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache glaze, chocolate cocoa nibs), Traditional Buttermilk (topped with golden sprinkles from NYE, 24 hour brioche, Tahitian vanilla bean glaze)
Cereal Milk Latte (made with milk soaked in Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
Mimosa Donut (24 hour brioche, champagne glaze, candied orange peel, candied orange segments) & Guava + Cheese (24 hour brioche, guava & cheese filling, cream cheese glaze, Maria cookie crumble – MY FAVORITE!)
Up close and personal with the Guava + Cheese Donut
Had to capture the artistry of the Mimosa Donut
‘Traditional’ Buttermilk topped with golden sprinkles for NYE

IMG_6050     IMG_6066


The Salty Donut’s Pop-Up Location
29 NW 24th St. Miami, FL 33127

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