Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream

Finally ventured downtown to try Lulu’s Ice Cream! It’s a charming and modern ice cream shop with a simple chalkboard displaying that week’s seasonal flavors.  Their central focus and mission is providing quality, deliciously rich and creamy, chemical-free ice cream with locally-sourced ingredients.

Once inside, you may pick from that week’s flavors and opt for a cone or a cup.  Toppings include a waffle stick, Nutella, condensed milk, Oreo cookie crumble, coconut shavings, graham cracker crumble and more.  Each ice cream is essentially made-to-order.  Before scooping and topping off with your selected toppings, the ice cream is stirred with liquid nitrogen for about 30 seconds.

The result is a super smooth, rich, and creamy ice cream!  I ordered 2 scoops; Coconut (vegan) and Nutella and chose to top it off with Oreo cookie crumble.  I really loved the texture of both flavors.  I am a coconut fanatic and liked it but wish it had a richer coconut flavor.  As for the nutella, it was delicious and the flavor really came through.

IMG_6894IMG_6890 IMG_6891 IMG_6892

2 scoops: Top scoop was Coconut (Vegan) and bottom was Nutella topped with Oreo cookie crumble


Lulu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream

2001 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33137

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