Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi blows me away everytime.  Every dish is thoughtfully prepared and bursting with flavors.  Definitely come here extra hungry because you’ll want to try everything!  I started off my Friday night dinner with a light and refreshing cocktail made with lychee, passion fruit and sake. 🙂

Lychee Pasion

Next up, was the Rockshrimp Tempura which we ordered “traditional” but with the buffalo sauce on the side.

Rock Shrimp Tempura with Buffalo Sauce on the side
Rockshrimp Tempura “traditional” with Buffalo Sauce on the side

On to the Bigeye Tuna Roll with cripsy rice (YUM!) and the Salmon Avocado Roll!  The Salmon Avocado is a must!! It’s now up there with the Yellowtail roll which is another favorite of mine.

Crispy Rice with Tuna and Salmon Avocado Roll
Top: Bigeye Tuna (spicy tuna, “arroz pegao,” truffle oil, sea salt) Bottom: Salmon Avocado (cream cheese, eel sauce, spicy mayo, crispy panko)
Navarro Salmon (crab, serrano pepper, mozzarella, crispy onions, spicy mayo, eel sauce)

The crispy onions and spicy kick from the serrano peppers in the Navarro Salmon roll was a match made in heaven.

Navarro Salmon Roll
Truffle corn
Truffle corn (cotija, truffle cream, yuzu butter)

These are not your average corn on the cob.  They’re dusted with cotija cheese which is a crumbly cheese originating from Mexico and similar to feta cheese.  The plate also comes with and extra spice mixture and sea salt for dipping.

Truffle corn
Truffle corn
Tostones & Ceviche
Tostones (hamachi ceviche & ginger soy)

I love a well made tostone.  Trust me, these are excellent and the perfect pairing with the ceviche.

Shishito Peppers
Shishito Peppers (miso & pistachio)

Leave it to Chef Jose Mendin to make even a seemingly simple dish so interesting and tasteful.  These shishito peppers disappeared quite fast!


Pubbelly Sushi

1424 20th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

(305) 531-9282

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