Pirolo’s Panino Pop-Up at Macchialina

Chef Michael Pirolo’s Panino Pop-Up Shop (try saying that 3 times!) is returning this Wednesday, June 29th thru Friday, July 1st from noon to 4pm at Macchialina.  I was very lucky to preview some of the pop-up menu recently which consists of hearty lunch items with a variety of different paninis, starters, a soup, and a couple of sweet treats.


The first item I tried was the coconut & avocado milkshake with mezcal.  It was creamy but light, not too sweet for my taste and with a hint of smokiness from the mezcal.  IMG_7903 IMG_7906 IMG_7909

One of the items from the “starters” is the Crispy Pig Ears with bbq spices and salsa verde.  IMG_7912

The Veggie Panino had eggplant, tomato, white bean, broccoli rabe & crucolo on a hero roll.  IMG_7913 IMG_7914 IMG_7917 IMG_7918

Next up was their Italian Wedding Soup!  I really liked the soup, which consisted of beef broth, kale, and baby meatballs.  It had plenty of meatballs and veggies much to my delight!  And the portion size was really great considering the heartiness of the soup.   IMG_7922 IMG_7924 IMG_7925

I was really curious to try the Thanksgiving in Italy panino being that it had ingredients like honey balsamic roasted turkey, giblet gravy, fontina, and garlic aoli all served open-faced on toasted brioche.  The brioche bread was definitely the perfect canvas for this panino because it holds up really well with sauce-y dishes like this one.  I found myself mostly picking out the delicious and tender pieces of turkey! I could’ve eaten that by itself! IMG_7926 IMG_7927 IMG_7928

The Godfather was definitely my favorite panino! Call me BASIC 😉 but I really liked this more traditional panino.  It had soppressata, coppa, mortadella, provolone, pickled eggplant, iceberg lettuce, oil & vinegar all on a hero roll.  The combination of meats was excellent, the oil & vinegar dressing was a great complement adding acidity to the sandwich, and the bread was probably the best part.  The bread had that tougher outer shell but with that chewy-ness you look for in quality breads.  IMG_7931Pictured here is the Porter Braised Pork Belly panino with anchovy-cucumber slaw served on white toast.  I liked how they matched the crisp and light cucumbers with the heavier pork belly but it wasn’t my favorite.


Another starter item we tried were their wings.  They were fried and since I love wings grilled on the bbq I gladly returned to eating the rest of my Godfather panino. 🙂 IMG_7938

My favorites were the coconut avocado milkshake, the Godfather panino, and the Italian wedding soup!

They have plenty of other paninis (9 in total!) to choose from as well as a good variety of starters! The pop-up shop will only be available for 3 days (June 29th thru July 1st)!

Restaurant details:


820 Alton Road in Miami Beach

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