Raw South Juice Co.


So glad my friend told me about Raw South! I tried it recently, and loved the smoothie and wrap I got! It’s a tiny healthy eatery off of US-1 and 98th street; close to Dadeland.  Their menu consists of smoothies, juices, salads, wraps, and acai bowls.  You can choose a wrap or salad with protein options like a black bean almond flax burger, tuna, salmon, veggies burger and more!  They also have cool items like quinoa tabuleh, zucchini pasta and homemade hummus.


IMG_7797   IMG_7801     IMG_7802

I chose the “Dose of Vigor” smoothie.  It has banana, orange juice, vanilla, coconut oil and spinach.  It was delicious! I highly recommend it! Another smoothie my friend recommended and also gets rave reviews is the “Almonds are Forever.”  That one has almond milk, rice protein, almond butter, cinnamon, dates, cocoa powder. I’ll have to try that one next time! 🙂



I also got a spinach wrap with kale & veggies, avocado, veggie patty and their homemade hummus.  The wrap was really good and hearty.  I highly recommend trying their hummus; it was a great addition to the wrap.




Update to post: On another visit recently, I tried their Blueberry Bliss Acai Bowl.  It was so delicious and refreshing.  The owner advised it was a great option post work out due to the protein in the almond butter.  I loved this acai bowl!


Raw South Juice Company:

Hours: M-F 10am-6pm, Sat. 10am-3pm, closed on Sundays

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