BAR PRIMI Miami Spice Pop Up at The Dutch!

Most Miamians know it’s Miami Spice season; a great opportunity to try new restaurants or even sample different dishes at some favorite places.  In fact, many restaurants have included new and creative dishes just for Miami Spice.  But, something really special is happening at The Dutch and only through September! NYC’s famed pasta bar, Bar Primi, is taking over their Miami Spice menu!

Chef/Restaurateur, Andrew Carmellini along with his Chef/Partner, Sal Lamboglia opened Bar Primi in May 2014 in NYC’s East Village.  Bar Primi actually adds to Carmellini’s hotspot roster of venues that includes Locanda Verde, Lafayette, Little Park, and The Dutch (NYC & Miami).   I was so fortunate to have been invited to taste the special Miami Spice menu and interview Chef Lamboglia last week (click here for the interview).  According to the Chef, who helped open The Dutch in Miami Beach, they wanted to do something special and creative for Miami Spice while bringing Italian flavors to the Beach.

“The menu at Bar Primi focuses on serving traditional Piccolini and Antipasti, fresh pastas, homestyle desserts and lots of vini Italiani.  They use a variety of non-GMO semolina and specialty ‘00’ flours, organic eggs and family recipes to create their menu.”


The Miami Spice menu encompasses a variety of items from Antipasti (appetizers), Secondi (main courses), to the Dolci (dessert).  See below for pictures and my favorites!


But first…bread! Homemade focaccia & cornbread 🙂
Antipasti Dishes: Sal’s Antipasti Salad, Cow’s Milk Ricotta, Mussels Rosso, Sicilian Tomato Arancini (center), and homemade fresh focaccia (bottom).


LOVED the Cow’s Milk Ricotta with truffle honey and hazelnut. It was amazing especially with grilled bread.
Bottom right: Mussels Rosso with peperonata & served with garlic focaccia
The Sicilian tomato arancini with basil pesto were amazing!!
Sal’s Antipasti Salad with salami & provolone


Clockwise from bottom left: Spaghetti Nero, Grilled Branzino, Rigatoni alla Norma, & Spinach Ricotta Cavatelli
The Spaghetti Nero with crab, garlic crema and fresno was a top pick for me from the Secondi menu.


Another favorite (ties with Spaghetti Nero) is the Grilled Branzino with lemon and olive muffaletta. The grilled lemon juice and olives added a nice acidity and complexity of flavors!


Spinach Ricotta Cavatelli with veal bolognese
The Rigatoni alla Norma with roasted eggplant and mozzarella was a nice and classic pasta dish.


Strawberry Copa (left) & Tre Colore Gelato (right)
Tre Colore Gelato with rainbow cookies, vanilla crema & amarena cherries.
The Strawberry Copa with fresh mint and amaretti cookie was one of my favorite desserts! So nice and fresh!
Last, but definitely not least were the warm bombolini with chocolate sauce and raspberry marmellata. The bombolini were another favorite dessert of mine. They were freshly made, warm and airy on the inside. So good!


This special Miami Spice menu is only available through September 30th!

Restaurant Details:

The Dutch




Disclaimer: You Had Me At Food was invited to taste the menu for the Bar Primi Miami Spice Pop Up. 


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