The Seven Dials ~ Brunch & Dinner!

The Seven Dials is a quaint gastropub in Coral Gables, nestled on the first floor of a condo building on Minorca Avenue and Douglas Road.  Don’t let its off beaten location fool you; it’s a gem of a place and always busy for a reason! London born chef/owner, Andrew Gilbert, features seasonal items on the menu along with favorites from across the pond like Scotch Egg & Fish + Chips.  Recently, I met a friend here for their first day serving brunch! img_9068

First off the Frosé is an absolute must! Super refreshing, sweet and citrus-y and it’s not quite brunch without one! 😉


We started with an order of their house made banana bread which was really well balanced, both moist and airy and really flavorful! Loved the slices of banana on top.  img_9075

For my main dish, I chose the St. James Salmon Plate.  I really like nova platters so I was craving something similar.  This was perfect! It comes with ZTB rye bread, mascarpone, everything spice & pickles.  I was extra hungry and also craving a poached egg so I asked if they could add one and they kindly appeased my various cravings (lol).

img_9076 img_9078

We finished our meal with a necessary caffeine pick-me-up.



I’ve actually been to the Seven Dials before for dinner but it had been quite a while.  The very first time I had dinner there I pretty much had the same things, like the chicken wings and burger pictured below.  The memory of these dishes is what made me go back for sure! The new item I tried on this night was a cheese platter with manchego that I loved!

img_9496 img_9497

Their chicken wings were delicious and they actually change the flavors of the wings on a daily basis.  The ones we had that night were the tikka chicken wings with an Indian inspired flare.


For the cheese platter we chose to go all manchego but you can choose from a variety of cheeses that they display on a chalkboard.


Finally, the main show- the Seven Dials Burger! When you have a hankering for a big juicy burger, this should be the one to get.  It has muenster cheese, pickled green tomato, onion rings, marmite mayo and house fries on the side.

Very important side note- Brunch is currently served on Sundays from 11:30am – 3:00pm.  #Froséallday 

Restaurant Details:

The Seven Dials (At The Minorca)

2030 S. Douglas Rd. #102

Coral Gables, FL 33134


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